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How to Refocus on Yourself

Giving yourself permission to feel better is primordial.

This story was first published on Thrive Global.

Events we face have an impact on our own person. We’re directly influenced by the environment in which we find ourselves.

In your workplace, you’re influenced by needs, goals, the identity of the company, your colleagues, your boss, or by your work task at hand. Unfortunately, some people aren’t satisfied with their job.

As a self-employed person and manager of your own business, you’re influenced by your expenses, your budget, your availability, your partners, your collaborators, your own goals, the needs of your customers, or by the novelty.

You’re also influenced by your family, your partner, your friends, media, social networks etc.

Taking all these elements mentioned above, there’s at least one time when you’ve had that feeling of being lost and not knowing what to do. The first step is to make the choice to refocus – to come back to yourself, to go inside yourself.

As we understand that we’re influenced by the environment we’re in, it’s important to leave it and find another that fits us. When you’ve found your place, give it a name. It’s your secret garden – this time is reserved for you and things are yours.

Close your eyes

We see countless things in a day. Imagine over a week, a month, and then a year. Indeed, it’s impossible to list. Keep in mind that it’s only when you close your eyes that you see what you really want to see.

Take a deep breath

We can feel several beneficial points by applying deep breathing. You must breathe through the belly. Here are some of these benefits: reduces stress, helps to manage emotions, strengthens the immune system, improves sleep.

Do what you enjoy

There’s nothing more enjoyable than doing something you enjoy. It can be your hobby. You don’t have to live from your work. You must live for your passion. Remember that work is a contract. Whereas your passion has been developed over your lifetime. Life is a matter of phenomenon and time. It’s not a contract.

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